For the Kitchen Impaired

So this weekend I decided to bake cookies instead of sleeping. You should know that I have never baked cookies by myself before, so I was half-excited and half-anxious. But I thought about it and said, if there was ever a perfect day to venture into the land of Cookiedom, it’s definitely today.

So I googled “Oatmeal Raisin Cookies” and found this recipe  that didn’t look too complicated. After all, I am a baby baker. I prepared all my ingredients and was about to begin when my older sister came out of the room and said, “What are you going to bake?” I said, “Oatmeal raisin cookies.” Wary of my lack of kitchen skills (and she has good reason to be), she said, “Make half instead.” I saw her rationale. You know, in case they turned out to be really terrible.

I was like, half? You mean….half everything? How am I supposed to half 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon?! So I googled “How to half the measurements of a recipe” and I found this really nifty site that provided accurate baking measurements in both standard and alternative units of measurement. It was so much easier to half the recipe by 50%!    I also used this awesome converter to make sure that my measurements were accurate. With these life-saving tools at hand, I began my baking adventure!

The ingredients! The lemons and onions aren’t counted!

Butter, sugar, pure vanilla extract, 1 egg, raisins, cinnamon, baking soda, all purpose flour and good ol’ fashioned rolled oats! For the original measurements, you can check out the recipe! If you want to know the measurements reduced by 50% I’ll let you do that math. Hahaha!

The dough!




So here’s the dough! I used an electric mixer for this. Doesn’t it look like it’s going to turn out well? Hehehe

First batch

The first batch to go into the oven! Now as I was forming these cookies, I was pretty impressed with myself. Looking good, looking good, no? No. Methinks I might have been a little too overconfident because little did I know (and I should have known! But again, in my defense, I am a baby baker!!!!) the cookies were going to expand and expand to look like this…

What happened?!

I MEAN, WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! They don’t even look like cookies! They look like…like…I don’t even know! So lesson learned, use a bigger tray and space the cookies out MORE! They didn’t taste too bad, though! In fact, they weren’t too sweet which I liked. AND they were pretty chewy, which was what I was going for. HOORAY! I guess the only thing keeping me from getting an A for a-ffort (haha) is aesthetic appeal.

Cookie bars?

I had to cut them up, of course. I mean they had to resemble cookies somehow. They kind of look like bars, really. Oatmeal raisin bars, anyone?

Second batch

So for the next batch, I tried to space the cookies out more. I couldn’t use a bigger tray because I was using a small oven, and I hadn’t heated up the bigger oven. But four cookies as opposed to six in one small tray should have more room to expand, right? Well…kind of. They were still pretty big and I burnt the edges but they didn’t turn out too badly either!


Things I have learned:


2. Adjust oven heat in relation to the weather (it was pretty hot that day and the oven is strong, so maybe instead of 350 degrees I should have gone down to 310 degrees)

3. HEAT EXPANDS THINGS (this is quite embarrassing, really. I mean, I remember this from my elementary science lessons but I don’t know why this information didn’t register when I needed it to. Huhuhu)

For a first try, though, I think this was pretty okay! The taste was just what I was going for, and so was the texture. Although, it could have been more chewy. Now I can try this recipe again with the appropriate adjustments!!!! 😀

Kitchen skills +1

Also, one of the things I’ve come to LIKE making is ciabatta and poached eggs. It’s so easy to make (though the ciabatta takes about 2 days to bake), and SO YUMMY too! I also sprinkled paprika, kosher salt, and pepper to add more flavor! Mmmmm!

My specialty!



Kitchen skills +1

6 thoughts on “For the Kitchen Impaired

  1. HAHAHAHA I was laughing so hard at the first batch cookies! i could imagine your face when it came out. anyway.. picture yourself in the kitchen so the viewers get a glance of how you look din next time. :>

    1. Hi Shari,

      You’re way too nice. Hahaha! Thanks for the encouragement! Hopefully my next batch of cookies will look as good as they taste! And Congratulations on your pregnancy! Love your blog!

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