The Last 2 Weeks in Photos

Full tank for the Mazda 3!

This was during one of my behind-the-wheel practices. My older sister’s mom was the one who went with me to practice that day, and she decided to take a photo of me gassing up the car. Hahaha! I really want to pass my 3rd driving test!!! I can’t bear the thought of having to take the written exam and going through the entire process all over again. Blagh. And I want to be able to drive myself places na rin so I don’t have to keep waking up my kuya or ate so I can get around! Huhuhu!

Shopping at Berkeley Bowl

It feels pretty good to make your own list of groceries, tick the items off as you buy them, and load them in the car. It feels even better turning your groceries into dishes for the week! Again, my older sister’s mom felt like it was a good photo op.

Sunday Brunch at Mimi’s, Hayward

I like their brunch menu. The servings are pretty filling, but not too overwhelming. Well…except maybe their hot chocolate. That cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream was too much for me to handle!

Hot Chocolate topped with a monster mound of Whipped Cream

Actually, now that I think about it, the hot chocolate at Millbrae Pancake House was a lot bigger than this with a huge mountain of whipped cream. I swear, it took me minutes before I got to taste the hot chocolate.


I did manage to drink almost half of the hot chocolate. I tried my best to finish it but it was just too much. If my friend Russell was with me, I know he wouldn’t let the hot chocolate go to waste!

Sunday Breakfast Crepes
One of my favorite things to make. It’s tasty, versatile, and super easy!

My breakfast crepes are getting better!!! This batch was a little too thick to be considered crepes, though. They were more of pancakes. But the texture, consistency, and taste are definitely improving! I’ve got to work on making sure the crepes don’t turn out too thick!

While walking to Spasso Coffeehouse, I saw this!
I saw this little note stuck to the bus stop sign. Wise words to start the day with!

Interestingly, I saw this post-it while I was waiting for the bus to come, mulling over what makes me happy. Coincidence? I think not!

A pair of real estate magazines

Another funny thing: these were below the note at the same bus stop!!!! Just the day before, I was thinking about where I wanted to rent an apartment in the future! I haven’t decided yet…L.A., San Francisco, Berkeley…? The possibilities are endless!

A healthy breakfast!

This is my usual breakfast (I’m kilig that I can say, “the usual” and the barista knows what to give me. I’ve always wanted to do that!) at Spasso Coffee Shop during weekdays. 3 runny eggs and whole wheat toast. The drink changes for variety. I had Ginger Orange tea that day because I had a sore throat. Rezas, the barista, was nice enough to give me lemon slices and honey to put in my tea to alleviate the sore throat. He told me that half of the people at the coffee shop had sore throats. I think it might be because of the weather, since it’s transitioning to fall and all. He gave me a fresh slice of ginger for my second cup of tea. That really helped.

It’s looking like fall!!!

I am SUPER excited for fall because I can bundle up in all my scarves and shawls! Plus I bought this fabulous pea coat that was marked down to $23 from $84!!! It’s so warm and cute, such a steal! Not to mention I absolutely love fall colors! Time to buy a new pair of boots! I’m thinking since I already have a black pair, I might go for a warm brown tone one in suede.

4 thoughts on “The Last 2 Weeks in Photos

  1. Wow Kars, you’re getting a hang of it here na talaga, I love it! Read this entry and the last and I can’t help but be happy for you! And I’m loving the clothes, girl! That blue and yellow ensemble is adorable! I rarely leave the house so I only get to dress up on weekends…which is actually a good thing, not only because I don’t have fall clothes yet, I’m also starting to think that this cold isn’t so good for me either. Wishing you all the best, especially on your driver’s test!

  2. Aww thank you Kat!!! The clothes are just from Target and TJ Maxx! I love a good bargain!!! Hahaha! The weather in the Bay Area is kind of weird. For the past 2 days it was around 90 degrees, and then all of a sudden it dropped down by 20 degrees! So I never really know how to dress for each day :)) At least where you are, the weather is pretty consistent! I’ve read your posts and love all the pictures you take! Keep documenting your stay here, they’re very enjoyable reads!

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