Marketing with Karsie!

So instead of taking you to the Jack London Farmer’s Market (which isn’t open pa pala!), I decided to show you how farmer’s markets are usually held. They take place on the morning of a certain day of the week, say like every Sunday, in a public space (like the train station parking lot). Farmers from California set up tents and share their stuff. There’re a lot of things to choose from: fruits, veggies, meats (but not like the wet market kind, they’re usually packaged already), bread, cooked food, and other stuff. I love going to the farmer’s market for the fresh fruits and vegetables!!! Their fruits are super big and super juicy!!!

Random. I notice that I say “pretty good” and “pretty interesting” A LOT :)) At least it’s pretty! HAHAHA. And excuse the low energy level, it was early in the morning and I’m not a morning person :))

***Correction: at the start of the video I think I said they don’t sell meat. Well, they do. Hahahaha! But what I meant is that they don’t sell meat a la Cubao Farmer’s Market where they hack the meat right in front of you and dump it in a supot. Here, it’s already cut and packaged neatly. Strangely, I prefer buying meat the Cubao Farmer’s Market way. It makes me feel more…hardcore, like I’m not afraid of meat 😐 HAHAHA.

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