Going Downtown with Karsie!

A lot of you guys have asked me if I’ve explored my new city. Well, after 2 weeks I finally got around to doing it…and documenting it!!! This is Jack London Square in Downtown Oakland, a local hangout frequented at night. One of these days I’ll show you guys what it’s like in its bustling nightlife glory!

The Downtown areas in cities are usually the business districts. There are some residential places located downtown but more often than not, the residential places are located in other areas away from downtown. So people go here to work, then go home to the burbs or wherever. It’s not like in Manila where the businesses and residential areas are combined. By 7pm, downtown Oakland is virtually empty save for some establishments that close later than 7pm. I’m wondering if it’s like this in other downtowns. I guess I’ll find out!

Stay tuned for more videos about things and places and stuff! (I’m starting to feel like a cooking video might be interesting…hehehehe)

2 thoughts on “Going Downtown with Karsie!

  1. Karsie! Amazing blog you have here, it would be lovely to subscribe to it! So I’m putting you on my blogroll. 🙂 Take care and good luck with grad school next year!

    1. Kat!!! Thank you so much! I’m going to follow you too, we can be like blog friends! hahaha! YAY! I hope everything’s good with you and at Kar! *Hug*

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