What do YOU Revel in?

During one of our random (but always fun!) conversations, Chrissie said that she would like to start an online magazine. “You know,” she said (though not verbatim), “Like one of those fun magazines where we write about the things we love, and it’s not corrupted by capitalism or anything like that.” I was like “Okay, that sounds like it’s going to be interesting”. Back then I was thinking of it like one of those things our group of friends planned to do but never really got around  to doing, but Chrissie was actually serious so we got serious too. And finally, FINALLY, I proudly present to you…

Celebrating Different Passions!
Revel Magazine: Launching soon!

So what is REVEL anyway?

REVEL Magazine is an upcoming online magazine that celebrates the different quirks, interests and musings of everyday life (stuff that we revel in, hence the name. Get it? Get it? Ahhh you get it!). It is simply the brainchild of a group of girl friends that want to share their passions to the world. Issues will be released quarterly; that’s four issues in a year, featuring around eight columns as of the moment. Columns include: Astronomy, Travel and Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion, Causes, Art, Inspiration, Pop Culture, and Music. REVEL also wishes to create more socially relevant articles and events in the future, but for now we’re gearing up to celebrate and reveal our very first issue!!! So to put it simply, we love what we love so much that we write about it and share it with all of you! We hope you have as much fun reading REVEL as we have making it!

What does the QoQ have to do with REVEL?

Apart from being in these awesome online posters, I actually have a column 😀 Now I’m not going to spoil everything and tell you what I write about, so you’re just going to have to visit REVEL and see for yourself. Mwahahaha! Don’t worry, I promise it’s going to be tons of fun!

Check us out on facebook and visit REVEL Magazine on July 1, 2012! Yay!

Revel: Coming Soon!
Revel Magazine: Launching soon!

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