OH. EM. So I’m finally here. It still hasn’t sunk in. This is SO surreal. It feels like just another quick trip, like I’m going to go to Disney Land and visit relatives then fly back home. But alas, dear Roscoe, that is not the case this time. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll start to really feel it, and try to sell all my clothes for a ticket back home. Hmmm. That might actually work except for the fact that…

1. I only have about one luggage of clothes and they’re all used. So the most I can get out of a yard sale (yucckkk yard sale na, di na garage sale!) is probably $50?

2. I’m here to be with family and get experience for graduate school

3. Graduate school starts next year (hopefully!!! I kind of want to keep my momentum)

4. I need to make a bajillion dollars so I can put up my future super-amazing progressive school for little kids back in the Philippines

So I guess I’m stuck here til then. I’m giving myself 5 years. Might as well make the most of it by getting down to business. 3 days in, and I’ve already managed to get a US number, start the process of opening a bank account, and scope out which local library I want to be a member of. Yes, local library. THE LIBRARIES HERE AWESOME I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING. Some are really modern looking, some are cozy and warm, some have this scholarly vibe, and some are just super duper cool (the one in Cerritos has a friggin dinosaur skeleton replica and fake trees inside the children’s section). I do not feel the need for a Fully Booked anymore, because the libraries here have EVERYTHING and they’re all FREE! Books, magazines, DVDs, everythiiiiing. And the library services are the best! All I have to do is get a library card and I’m good to go.  That’s definitely one perk of living in the US. That’s it, I’m adding building a public library for the Philippines to my list of things to do after 5 years. I sound like such a nerd, but whatevs. Karsie ❤ LIBRARIES.

So besides my obvious love of libraries, I’ve just been slowly settling in. Weather’s nice, people are friendly, my older sister and brother-in-law are great, and I live with 2 crazy dogs Max and Musashi (I MISS MY TALA PRINCESS). Pretty okay so far, looking forward to building a life here, actually. There’s no way to go but up!

Guess that’s it for now! I’m going to sleep off this jet-lag and come up with an ever BETTER blog post soon! 😀

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